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What does living a life of faith look like?

A friend asked, “What does living a life of faith look like to you?” WOW, what a powerful question. I think the answers to this question are as unique as the people to whom it is asked.

For me, living a life of faith means living my life in such a way that the love of Christ is reflected to those around me. Some days, I do accomplish this better than others. Yet the truth is, God intimately knows me, knows my weaknesses and loves me! Loves me, just as I am. This is a powerful truth to grasp and because of this truth, I can start fresh after I have failed. To me, living His love means I need to accept others where they are; I need to not judge others for their shortcomings; I need to be able and willing to speak of His work in my life; I need to attempt to bring a piece of heaven to those around me. Each of these efforts is not to bring glory or praise to me, but to draw others closer to the love of Christ in hopes that they too will experience a personal relationship with him.

What does living a life of faith mean to you?

Half full or half empty. You decide….


I saw this on our son’s refrigerator. I think it solves the debate of if the glass is half full or half empty. For me, I always thought my glass was half full. I appreciate this changed perspective! My glass is full! This leaves me free to simply keep filling my mind with positive, encouraging, loving thoughts — and leaves no room for the negative things that attempt to creep into our minds. I hope this will challenge you to think about your life and thoughts.