Welcome to my blog. My name is Linda Flynn.

 DSC_1699(2)Life is the journey! Each day builds upon all my previous days. “Who I am today, is the sum total of all the days I’ve lived” is something I’ve said many times.

With surprise, I look at where this journey has taken me!  As a child of God, I do not make this life journey alone. I believe we are called to bring a little bit of heaven to the places where we walk.

This blog allows me to write about things that are important to me. A few years back, I retired from ‘the office’. Though I had looked forward to this event for years, I had no clear image of what it would mean to me. Now after enjoying several years in this phase of life, I struggle to find words that allow me to adequately describe how I feel. I’ve finally allowed my creative side more freedom and I’m enjoying the pleasure and the product from these efforts. I’ve allowed myself to recognize the many and varied ways creativity is part of my life. My blog has recently undergone a change to be able to share more of what being creative means to me.

I look forward to your feedback, reactions and comments to what you find here.


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