The Big Search

It was early in 2010. Retirement was just around the corner. Tom would retire first, and then within two years I too, would retire. Our plan was to move after retirement. We recognized the house on the lake was a wonderful place, but the cost and work necessary to maintain the property was going to limit our ability to travel and participate in other activities of interest to us. Still, it all just seemed like a dream. Brunch with Tim, and his conversation about a friend who had moved to the San Juan Islands changed our attitude about retiring. That day was the turning point for us. We started thinking more seriously about retiring. We recognized, we were in control of what was going to happen and started in earnest to research and evaluate ‘where we really wanted to retire’. We spent much time on the computer and as much time as our schedules would permit traveling. The computer time was consuming and sometimes frustrating, but the dreaming and imagining us in the various locations was fun!

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