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Mentors and Friends…..

Mother’s Day seems like the appropriate time to think about those people who have influenced me. My life is richly blessed because of those who have impacted my life.  I think about the things I enjoy doing, or some of the food I cook and realize those were gifts given by another to me. During my childhood years it was mostly family members like my grandmother, some great aunts, my mother, an elderly neighbor lady, and several teachers making those contributions. Upon reaching adulthood, those who impacted my life were mostly friends, and co-workers and my husband. Many were people I share faith relationships with.

Of the people I’m thinking about, many have left this life on earth, yet the gifts they imparted to myself and others live on. I know this is part of the circle of life, yet it leaves me wondering about what things I might be passing on to others. I hope to pass on a love of life, an appreciation for others and the gifts of nature, the ability to be gentle with one’s self and with others, and the need to have a personal relationship with the God of the Universe and Christ his Son.

My wish for you is that you enjoy the day; that you spend some time thinking about those who have influenced your life and also how you are influencing those around you.

Happy Mother’s Day to any woman who is reading this!