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Second Half

I recently finished reading “The Second Half of your Life” by Jill Shaw Ruddock.

I resonate with the term “Second Half” instead of “old” or “retired.”

This book covers much information I’ve previously read, available to the woman who reaches those menopausal years, yet Jill Ruddock nicely pulled it all together in one place. Being an American, I enjoyed reading perspectives from “the other side of the pond,” even though I’m currently “on that side.” The core issues remain the same.

I enjoyed the humor found in the different use of vocabulary.

I appreciated her reference to those of us who are “baby boomers” being the “golden generation.” She stated we have defined every age of our lives simply because of how many of us there are; and expects as a group we will redefine what “old” means.

Enjoying my Second Half
Cold, windy day at Dingle Bay

I like that thought. I have no interest in the idea of trying to be younger than my current age, but certainly won’t sit down and wait to die. This is my “second life” and I’m enjoying life. For me, that means life is to be lived; to be creative; to be full of passion and meaning.

Last week I spent a morning with a group of women trying to get a Women’s Resource Center off the ground here in Tralee, Ireland. The room was filled with energy while women shared their vision and passion to create something in the community to benefit many. Some of these women were in their “second half” living a passionate life.


What’s your current passion?


Living a life of passion……

I recently visited with friends I had not seen in 20 years. It was a memorable evening on so many different levels. When I knew this couple, David was a military chaplain and his wife Rose and I were involved in Women’s Ministries together. Twenty years later I find that David tried ‘retirement’ and did not find it satisfying. Something was missing for him. He is now working for the VA as a chaplain, ministering to soldier’s who return from war suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. It was a blessing for me to see someone who is 70 still pursuing the passions of his youth. His life is making a difference to those who want his help – and he feels blessed to be in a position to use his life’s experience to help these younger returning soldiers through difficult times in their life. There is talk that David may ‘slow down’ a little, but it does not look like he will be walking away from this job anytime soon! The visit has me thinking about passion, and wondering if many of us have something we are so passionate about we would change our way of living to fulfill. Are you willing to share your passions?